1977-1980 SACTU, Workers’ Unity and the ANC

Workers’ Unity (issues 1-14)

These are the issues of SACTU’s Workers’ Unity published while I was editor.

Looking Forward (January 1978)

This political report by the SACTU General Secretary was drafted with my assistance and that of other comrades who were soon to be excluded with me from SACTU and suspended (later expelled) from the ANC. With minor amendments, the draft was adopted unanimously by the SACTU NEC, and printed with a green cover as it appears here — but was then withdrawn from circulation and locked away on instructions of the SACP and ANC leadership in London. It offered a perspective and ideas which they were determined to suppress.

ANC suspension letter, 26 October 1979

(Suspension without a hearing would be followed by expulsion without a hearing in June 1985.)

SACTU NEC statement, 21 November 1979

The Workers’ Movement, SACTU and the ANC — a struggle for Marxist policies